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The solution of problems: Creativity
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Formacion, empleo: The solution of problems: Creativity

The solution of problems: Creativity

Nowadays, a lot of people and companies are overwhelmed because of the rise of the most aggressive economic crisis since 1929 in the last century: Nobody can see the exit of this situation. Will there be no future? Incredibly, we can say: -yes- and the solution for all people and companies is the same: CREATIVITY.

November 2011

According to Jose Antonio Marina, a Spanish philosopher, creative energy is the ability to produce new, effective activities.

On the other side, talent is the capacity to bring up less common solutions, more effective things, newly technologies, master pieces or valid theories in order to solve problems in a original way.

So people´s talent seem to have a very close relationship with their creative capacity.

Creativity is a mixture of tenacity and talent, which results in innovation, which at the same time, will turn into progress.

The highest level expression of creativity is shown in art and science. As regards art, we get products with aesthetic value, and their effects are the intellectual pleasure of people. Now, as far as science is concerned, we will go to the edge of truth in order to get to know reality. The product of science is technology, which at the same time, gives us both social wealth and comfort.

Leonardo da Vinci, Miguel Angel, Picasso, are examples of very good creative people in the world of art. Galileo, Newton or Einstein are other examples in the scientific environment; all of them had enormous creative talents and they gave a priceless contribution to the human being´s development.

Creativity turns into wealth and it is the great resource for people, companies and societies, especially, in these times of depression.

But creative talents aren´t discovered; they are grown with education. Talent is found by formation. Because of that, society is the most essential factor in order to stimulate and support creativity, which is actually one learning habit.

We will find the only way out of nowadays` recession through creativity. In order to skip this recession that is threatening Europe right now, it is essential to develop creativity in all fields.

Innovation is basic in companies in order to increase income, decrease costs, increase productivity. Besides, it is the result of new ideas and new developed products by people´s creativeness.

But the efficiency of productivity is much better and the results more stunning if people get more resources. In fact, one Cromagnon man did not have the same possibilities as a digital artist has nowadays.

On the contrary, the more amount of creativity, the more developed the technologic resources will be.

In this sense, students, companies have nowadays the best conditions to get the results of their own creativity. This is because they have a range of new technologies that permit a lot of creation possibilities, which has never existed in the history of humanity .

People nowadays are immensely lucky because we can get new technologies by investing a little amount of money.

It is possible to start a business on the Internet for less than 500 euros if you have a good idea.

If you have one computer available (even in a cyber cafe) you will be able to create the best graphic pieces that you can sell on the Web afterwards, with no other cost than your imagination and the amount of time you have spent on it.

One company can begin with only one person and very little investment. You don´t need to spend money on big information structures, all you need is in the cloud (computer cloud), software and hardware. You don´t need a physical location; you don´t need to buy any software and you don´t need to spend on information safe: the only thing that you need is a good idea.

You only need imagination, fantasy, decision, tenacity and those are not new things. We just need to remember the mythic Steve Jobs (Apple founder), the innovator Bill Gates (Microsoft creator), the great programmer Mark Zukerberg (Facebook creator ) or students Larry Page and Serge Brin, the Google founders. These and a lot of thousand more people have started out of nothing and got to build empires on the new technologies field .

But all these winners, whose personal wealth is above the Gross Domestic Product of a lot of medium-little countries, had several things in common: a great creativity, powerful formation in the field of new technologies, their young age at the beginning of their businesses and their tenacity in order to develop a good idea.

The solutions in order to get out of this overwhelming economic situation are very clear: It is urgent for companies to modernize their computers, their software and to train their staff in the use of new strategies. These resources will permit to provide incentives and trigger the employees´ creativity, in order to reduce the number of processes, get other more effective processes, develop new products or new services and, above all, increase optimism. This optimism will increase the workers´ illusion, because they will be able to see a clearer way out to more stability and more possibilities for their own future.

Boosting the e-commerce is another essential factor in trade; every company must be able to sell their products on the Internet in the global market. This way, they will increase their own market, create new trade systems, give out a more modern company image and, best of all, rise their own income.

For undertaking people that aim at making their own company, it is essential very complete formation in new technologies to grow a very good idea. The more they know about the Internet, information science, software, telecommunications and foreign languages, the less money they will need to get higher goals and the more able they will be to achieve ideas that other people will never develop.

For those people that cannot see the right time to create their own company now or for those who think that their destiny is to work for other people, the possibility is also very clear : training in the new technologies. This education will give them the best chances; it will make them more competitive, will permit them to develop their creativity in a higher level than other people and will put them in the best position in order to get the best job post.

And it is very important not to forget that the best companies and the best chances were born in the middle of the biggest crisis.

In short, the exit of this situation is extremely clear (I don´t say “easy” but “clear”): Creativity and formation together with bravery and decision (and a little luck).

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     The solution of problems: Creativity      

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