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Motivatión: the motor of innovation and success
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Formacion, empleo: Motivatión: the motor of innovation and success

Motivatión: the motor of innovation and success

In this times when nobody can see a clear future, everything invites to despair. There are no incentives for people. There are not many jobs available at the moment, the companies are not serving many orders and society does not seem to have a clear direction to go on.
However, at these moments, we need to find reasons to get out strongly of this situation. We need a motor: motivation.

December 2011

Motivation is a psychological state of mind that starts up, controls and keeps people´s behaviour in order to get their objective; it is a set of impulses that push them to do the task and get the target.

According to the Spanish philosopher José Antonio Marina, motivation is a subjective strength with four essentials items: individual desire, the attractiveness of desire, the factors that can help you get the desire easily (providers, motors) and restraining factors (or brakes) that can stop you from achieving the desire.

Marina also says there are three universals desires: the desire of personal well-being, social stimulating relationships and the need to expand the action possibilities. We need to activate one of these at least in order to trigger motivation.

Motivating and restraining factors are essential; when the former is greater than the latter we will get the desire. We can also achieve it if our creativity finds solutions to exceed restraining factors and if we have enough tenacity,

Motivating and restraining factors can be internal (they are developed inside individual psychology) and external (gifts that can increase individual well-being).

To get the goal involves will and effort, it is necessary to learn in order to boost the motivating and to reduce the restraining factors. We need tenacity to find different, probably new solutions to problems that make it difficult to advance. Besides, we need to overcome the amount of errors and failures on the way out of problems.

The external factor, economy, is a very important motivator. This is very pursued because it gives us stability, comfort, safety, self-confidence and calm with regard to the future and, above all, the satisfaction of success.

Another inner motivating factor is the eagerness to learn. A lot of people find pleasure when they are learning new, different things, even without one defined purpose.

But the strongest inner, effective factor is vocation. This is the natural, psychological tendency or energy that drives the person to one particular state of mind, one type of studies or occupation.

Another different powerful motivator is to work at something we like. That may be because we are attracted by the aesthetic results of our activity; also because of the economic profit that will give well-being to us or maybe because we feel that we are specially talented to do it (all of them are inner motivating factors ).

Getting to work at one activity we like (or at something we have a passionate interest in) is also essential to our psychological well-being. This is one happiness factor. The key is to work at something that we cannot make out of leisure. This situation will contribute to give us the major motivation, will increase the motivating factors to success and it will reduce restraining factors.

This motivation is even more important in crisis times when the economical factor (motivating factor) is very precarious. People that work at fascinating things almost do not perceive such a strong restraining factor as the lack of economical incentive (inside subsistence limits).

Another outside essential motivating factor is training. The more training, the more creativity and resources. That will permit to boost motivating factors and solve the major amount of restraining factors in a better way .

Restraining is a feeling of despair in front of obstacles, it is a kind of anxiety state because of failure, a loss of enthusiasm to get the target.

Among restraining factors we can say: for a start, the economic barrier, which will slow down the removal of obstacles. Another factor is the lack of knowledge to understand the problems reach we have to face. Finally, the long term timing is also important to get results.

When restraining factors are heavier on the balance than motivating factors, still we can use a typical motor factor of the human being: hope. This is a state of confidence which will help us solve current problems in the future, despite the fact that we cannot overcome them now.

A good leader, as a businessman o a teacher, must be a good motivator. That implies to know his workers in order to develop their optimum motivating factors, these are the factors that achieve the highest relationship between profit and cost for companies or people.

In the case of teachers, they have an essential factor to boost: curiosity (and the need of knowing). These professionals must be able to explain their topics to their listeners´ level and activate pupils´ natural mechanisms as imagination, fascination for unknown things or fantasy.

Besides, it is very important for teachers to be able to educate students in managing failure in a positive way, which can be consider as a step to success.

The failure in the search of desire can prevent people from keeping on to their target, it depends on the degree of strength of their personality and the inner motivating factors.

Teaching us how to analyze the reasons of failure can neutralize its consequences and that will permit people to reinforce themselves and get back the way of success.

Another important task for a teacher is to develop the ability of pupils to face difficulties, errors and failure, which are frequent when people are searching for their desire. For this reason it is necessary to explain the importance of mistakes to get the target.

The workers´ motivation is essential in order to get the maximum performance in a company. Motivated staff is creative, innovative, productive and it is the best warranty for the success of a company.

The easiest and most usual motivating factor available for a business person is the economical incentive. But, possibly, in crisis times this incentive may not be an option. In this case there are other positive factors, such as the activation of new projects. New projects involves workers´ creativity or training in order to boost both employees´ and companies´ resources. Other different good factors can be the recognition of their values, the distribution of promotions and advantages of flexibility in their job.

To sum up, Motivation is the main motor that moves on people, companies and society itself.

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     Motivatión: the motor of innovation and success      

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